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Dental Implants

Dental Implant Treatment in Santa Clara

When a smile is incomplete due to missing teeth, dental implants provide a highly successful solution for the complications associated with tooth loss. At the dental practice of Thomas Puzin, DDS, dental implants are one of the many ways we help our patients restore proper dental function and aesthetics.

Dr. Puzin and his team provide quality dental implant services to patients and their loved ones throughout Santa Clara and the surrounding communities. Dr. Puzin believes in providing comprehensive care to all our patients while taking a skilled and compassionate approach to tooth replacement.

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Why Choose to Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants?

Dental implants are unlike any other tooth replacement prosthetic, as they completely restore teeth from root to crown. When teeth are absent within the smile, there is no longer a healthy tooth root to stimulate the jawbone for essential support. If left untreated, prolonged tooth loss will eventually lead to a gum-tissue recession as the surrounding dental structures shift towards the site of the missing tooth. This can result in a prematurely aged appearance as well as contribute to further tooth loss.

Dental implants can halt these complications as they act as artificial tooth roots consisting of biocompatible titanium that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. By doing so, the material naturally fuses to the bone and proper stimulation is established once more, promoting a strong foundation for your new tooth, existing teeth, and custom-made restoration.

Implant-Supported Restorations from Dr. Thomas Puzin

With over 40 years of serving patients, Dr. Puzin has established a strong relationship with our trusted implant placement specialist to help ensure a predictable and comfortable placement procedure.

New and existing patients visiting our Santa Clara practice in need of tooth replacement can have complete confidence in their care as Dr. Puzin utilizes his extensive education to personalize your custom-crafted restoration once your titanium posts have properly healed.

Our team provides the following implant-supported prosthetics:

  • BruxZir® Over Implants Zirconia Crowns- these restorations function precisely like traditional crowns for single-tooth replacement. Their enamel-colored composition allows for a far more natural appearance. They are designed to create a beautiful fit and fully restore the smile’s function.
  • Bridges – are a viable option for patients who have several teeth missing in a row. When an implant-supported bridge is used, two to three implants are placed in the jawbone to support the prosthetic.
  • Dentures- are used when patients have little to no remaining teeth in their smile, but still, have enough healthy bone volume to support implants. These appliances are more stable as they have post attachments that permanently affix to the smile.

Dr. Puzin insists on only using the highest-quality material for our restorations. Most are prosthetics are crafted using natural-looking, durable porcelain, ceramic, and zirconia. With the help of our trusted outside lab, each restoration is fabricated and perfected to match the exact needs of your unique smile.

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With dental implants, patients can once again enjoy the benefits of a healthy, fully-functional smile. Dr. Thomas Puzin and his capable team provide exceptional-quality prosthetics in Santa Clara for patients needing to rejuvenate their dental aesthetics as well as preserve long-lasting oral health.

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