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Compassionate Restorative Dentistry from Dr. Thomas Puzin

Individuals experiencing tooth decay or infection can take advantage of the ever-advancing restorative treatment techniques offered in the field of dentistry. At our practice, Dr. Puzin can offer experienced endodontic treatment to help guide your dental function and health back to normalcy.

With over four decades of saving smiles in Santa Clara, Dr. Puzin is committed to providing patients with compassionate and exceptional restorative care.

Helping Save Smiles with Root Canal Therapy in Santa Clara

Each tooth’s structure has multiple layers; the protectant outer enamel, the dentine which forms the majority of the tooth, and the inner soft tissue containing nerves known as the pulp. When the pulp becomes inflamed due to bacteria entering the inner chambers. This can be a result of injury, damage, a prior dental procedure, or severe decay. Root canal therapy is designed to save as much of the compromised tooth as possible.

Prolonged pulp infection can worsen, leading to the root dying and thus, requiring extraction.  Dr. Thomas Puzin combines his extensive training, experience, and our office’s modern technology to perform root canal therapy effectively. We utilize this form of endodontic treatment as a means to help preserve your natural smile while alleviating pain and discomfort.

Performing Gentle Tooth Extractions

To properly determine an appropriate treatment path, Dr. Puzin determines if the affected tooth or teeth can be saved. When the tooth is beyond repair, extraction may be the solution. Additionally, when teeth are unable to grow into proper alignment and become impacted, extracting it can help restore health and comfort.

Patients visiting Dr. Puzin in need of extraction can rest assured they receive quality care. Although it may seem frightening, our Santa Clara dentist and his compassionate team work closely with you and utilize our endodontic technology to ensure your treatment is precise, while maximizing comfort.

What You Can Expect from Your Endodontic Treatment at Thomas Puzin, DDS

At the dental practice of Thomas Puzin, DDS, our top priority is preserving your natural teeth whenever possible. We initiate treatment with a thorough consultation, determining your dental needs, and expectations. We conduct a detailed examination of your current dental state which allows us to develop a precise course of action for your personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Puzin and his team make every effort to help rescue damaged teeth, restore healthy function, and keep more of your natural smile intact.

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If you or a loved one are experiencing a severe toothache, or are suffering from dental damage or injury, do not hesitate to call our Santa Clara practice. Our entire team does all we can to alleviate tooth pain, discomfort, and anxiety. We look forward to helping you restore a healthy smile!  


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