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Quality Cosmetic Dental Care in Santa Clara

As one of your most prominent features, most can agree that a healthy, aesthetically pleasing smile is something highly desired. At the dental practice of  Dr. Rujvi Bhatt and  our entire team believes every patient should be able to experience a radiant smile they are proud to show off to the world.

Whether you are looking to address tooth discoloration or correct more complex dental imperfections,  Dr. Rujvi Bhatt utilizes his years of experience to offer a wide variety of quality and compassionate cosmetic dental services to all patients throughout the Santa Clara communities.

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Helping Achieve Optimal Dental Aesthetics

At the dental practice of Dr. Rujvi Bhatt,  we believe that beautiful, long-lasting smiles begin with achieving an optimal dental environment. Before recommending any form of cosmetic treatment, we first aim to bolster oral health through our comprehensive consultations and thorough examinations. We genuinely care about the overall health of our patients, and it is reflected in our personalized approach to treatment and care.

Dr. Rujvi Bhatt and their team take the time to get to know the needs and expectations of our patients and their smiles personally. We will never recommend procedures that aren’t completely necessary for the health and beauty of your desired dental aesthetics.

Comprehensive Cosmetic Services from Dr. Rujvi Bhatt

Dr. Rujvi Bhatt and their team offer the following cosmetic solutions to new and existing patients visiting our Santa Clara dental practice:

Chairside Teeth Whitening with Zoom! ®

Patients looking to enhance their smile’s aesthetics can take advantage of our in-office teeth whitening treatment. The procedure involves using a dental-grade light to activate a whitening gel. We use a protective gel to protect enamel and soft tissues.   

This favorable cosmetic treatment is ideal for those who want to lift persistent enamel stains with a single visit. We can accomplish drastic results for all patients because we offer different gel strengths depending on the level of discoloration.

Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers®

Dr. Rujvi Bhatt and their  team utilize a trusted outside lab to fabricate custom-crafted veneers from the highest-quality porcelain. These thin, durable shells are designed to cover anterior teeth and improve their color, shape, size or length. Porcelain veneers mimic the color and makings of natural teeth, providing our patients with a renewed, more uniformed smile.

Enamel-Colored Restorations

With the help of our trusted restorations lab, we craft each crown, denture, and bridge with our patient’s unique dental aesthetics in mind. Dr. Rujvi Bhatt insist on only using the highest-quality materials to mimic the appeal and resilience of natural teeth.

At our Santa Clara practice, we offer porcelain, zirconia, and BruxZir® material restorations.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Part of our dedication to providing exceptional cosmetic services is first addressing the dental health needs of our patients. Rather than purely focus on aesthetics, Dr. Rujvi Bhatt offer full-dental rehabilitation to help ensure your treatment results stay beautiful and long-lasting.

Patients suffering from complex dental matters such as a severely worn or decayed smile, periodontal issues, previous root canal conditions, misalignment, or extreme tooth discoloration, can look forward to comprehensive restorative and cosmetic care at the dental practice of Dr. Rujui Bhatt

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