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Rujvi Bhatt DDS is proud to serve the general, cosmetic, and restorative dental needs of Santa Clara and the surrounding communities. Our southern San Francisco Bay can works with your private insurance and provides excellent, family-based services.

Your Small, Family Dental Practice in Santa Clara

Dr Bhatt firmly believes that a key element of treatment success is caring for patients on a completely individual basis. We do not divide our attention to see multiple patients at once, nor do we attempt to rush you in and out of our operatory. Instead, we maintain a purely one-on-one focus with each patient that comes to visit us. This not only ensures the quality of our procedures, but it also allows us to truly listen to the needs, wants, and concerns of each and every patient. The way we schedule our appointments prevents our patients from waiting too long or being rushed, both within and outside of the operatory.

Our doctor always put the patient first. Each individual person who walks through our doors is always treated like the top priority they are.

Dental Phobia Management

It is an all-too-common reality that patients are afraid of visiting the dentist.  Dr Bhatt understand these concerns and works to minimize such dental phobias.

A common example of dental phobia is the fear of potentially uncomfortable procedures. Our doctors are able to help maximize patient comfort through several methods, the first of which is his gentle treatment manner. Dr Bhatt take as much time as possible to prepare his patients for their appointment, including educating them on what treatment will be performed and why. Empowering patients through education helps them relax, a major factor in preventing discomfort. In fact, several of our patients who require local anesthetic did not even realize the injection happened.

We also provide mild sedation to further aid in relaxation. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, provides a feeling of euphoria when inhaled. In cases where additional sedation is necessary, doctors can provide oral conscious sedation medication. This pill helps further numb and relax the patient, though the patient stays awake and aware of the procedure. Oral conscious sedation will interfere with a patient’s ability to drive or work, however, so we do recommend that the patient have someone take them to and from the appointment, should this form of sedation be planned for their visit.

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